The Manitoba Museum is proud to offer this program created specifically for English language students who are new to Manitoba.

Within this website you will find In-class activities and teacher resources that can be easily adapted to any classroom setting. Also available are at-home activities for students with internet access, and general information that will help you plan a classroom visit to The Manitoba Museum.

Available Call it Home Programs

Guided Programs (Recommended for students of CLB 4 to 8)

Cost: $4.50 per student (teachers do not pay admission)

  • First Peoples of Manitoba: One-hour guided program focusing on how aboriginal people met their basic needs and adapted to the environment, including bison hunting, farming and tipi construction. It includes a hands-on look at material culture and the use of traditional and European trade materials. Participants will get to spend time inside the tipi.
  • The Fur Trade: One-hour guided program looks at the relationship between European traders and Aboriginal people. It also explores the global nature of the fur trade.
  • Currently Unavailable – Immigration to Manitoba: One-hour guided program focusing on immigration to Manitoba in a historic context. The program explores some of the earlier waves of settlement and the experiences of adapting to a new home.

Self-Guiding Programs (Recommended for students of all CLB levels)

Cost: $4.00 per student (teachers do not pay admission)

  • The Inuit: A self-guided tour kit allows teachers to lead their own program in our Arctic/Sub-Arctic Gallery. The portable kit includes a teacher’s guide, hands-on materials and student worksheets.
  • Currently Unavailable - Immigration: A self-guided tour kit that allows teachers to present a program on earlier waves of immigration to Manitoba. It covers themes that are still relevant to today’s new comers – support mechanisms, housing and jobs. The portable kit includes a teacher’s guide, archival photographs and student worksheets.

Register your class for a museum visit

Please note that both self-guided and guided programs must be booked in advance. Contact the Museum’s Programs Registrations Coordinator by accessing the registration page for more information.

Make your own brochure

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