Monthly Archive for July, 2010


Canadian Pacific Railway arrived in Winnipeg. The railway reached across the country. Trains would bring settlers to the west and take agricultural products to the east.


Dr. Barnardo helped to bring orphan children from England to live and work on Canadian farms. In 1882 he opened a training farm at Russell Manitoba where young people could learn how to be farmers and farm wives.


350 Russian Jews arrive in Winnipeg. They were fleeing persecution in their homeland.


The first permanent Icelandic settlement in Canada was founded on the shore of Lake Winnipeg. The area was called the Republic of New Iceland. It was located outside the borders of Manitoba and had its own government until 1912.


Mennonites began to move to southern Manitoba.


The Canadian government passed The Dominion Lands Act. Immigrants who wanted to settle in western Canada could receive a quarter section (160 acres) of free land.

1870 Manitoba became a Province of Canada

Manitoba became a province of Canada