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1960-today – Age of Multiculturalism

Canadian immigration began to look at how newcomers can contribute to Canadian society instead of where they came from. Manitoba tries to attract immigrants from non-traditional countries such as India and the Philippines. Canada continued to take in refugees from many countries including Czechoslovakia, Somalia, Uganda, Chile and Kosovo. Newcomers still face discrimination, but multiculturalism is accepted in Canada.

1956-1957 – Hungarian refugees arrived in Canada

Hungarian refugees arrived in Canada


Immigration Act. Immigrants could be refused entry into Canada because of their nationality. The government was looking for people who could assimilate easily into Canada. If the way of life or the climate in the immigrants’ home countries made it harder for them to adapt, they might not be allowed into Canada.


Portuguese men began to immigrate to Winnipeg in search of work. They brought their families to join them once they were settled.


The Canadian Citizenship Act was passed. Before 1947, Canadians were British subjects living in Canada.


During World War II, many Canadian soldiers and airmen married European women. Special ships brought these “War Brides” to Canada.

1945-1967 – Post World War II

Life was difficult in Europe after World War II. This made Canada attractive to many immigrants. The government had ethnic and economic goals for immigration. The Canadian economy was growing and the country needed many new workers. It was still difficult for some ethnic groups to come to Canada.


World War II. Once again, the government interned people they believed were a threat to national security. This included people of Japanese, German or Italian backgrounds.


The Great Depression. Many Canadians were unemployed. The doors were closed to most immigrants.


Pier 21 opened in Halifax. This became the main port on the Atlantic Ocean for new immigrants. It is now a museum.