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The Chinese Immigration Act was passed. The law said that any who was Chinese could not enter the country, even if a family member lived here.


Finland became a country. There were many political and economic problems. Many men came to Canada to work in mining, lumbering and construction.


Immigration to Canada slowed because of World War I. Many people from Germany, Turkey and the Austro-Hungarian Empire (including some Ukrainians) were sent to internment camps.


Italian immigrants started the Roma Mutual Benevolent Society to help members in times of sickness, accidents or death.


J.S. Woodsworth published his book “Strangers Within Our Gates”. In his book he wrote that it was important to control immigration. He said that immigrants must be assimilated to English Canadian customs.


The first Ukrainian English school was opened in Winnipeg.


The first wave of Ukrainian immigrants arrived in Manitoba.

1896-1945 – Filling The West

Clifford Sifton became the Minister of the Interior for Canada in 1896. His job was to attract more farmers to the West. He decided to look for immigrants in eastern Europe. The land and the climate were similar in those countries. Sifton believed the immigrants would be able to adapt to farming in Canada. The government of Canada wanted immigrants who could assimilate into Canada. They made it harder for some groups to settle here, especially if their skin was a different colour or they practiced different customs. The populations of Manitoba and Winnipeg grew very quickly at this time.


The first organized group of Hungarian settlers arrived in Manitoba.


The Chinese Head Tax was introduced. People from China would have to pay a fee to come to Canada.