10 Reasons why you should visit The Manitoba Museum

  1. Learn where you fit into Manitoba’s history
  2. Travel throughout Manitoba without leaving the city
  3. A safe place to come with your family and friends
  4. Practice your English in a comfortable learning environment
  5. Make memories that will last a lifetime
  6. Come aboard a ship and see how sailors lived
  7. See the night sky anytime, anywhere
  8. Go back in time to see how the city looked in the 1920s
  9. Experience a tropical sea that existed 450 million years ago
  10. Discover the animals and plants that live in Manitoba

What can I expect to see when I come to The Manitoba Museum?

Click here to see what The Manitoba Museum has to offer.

Check out an interactive map of our galleries to help you find your way through the museum.

What are your hours of operation?

For general museum hours click here.

  • Evening rates are available for classes that wish to come outside regular hours. Click here to contact the Program Registrar through our registration page for more information on available dates and prices.

How do I get to The Manitoba Museum?

The following link will help you find your way by using Google Map technology.