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Family Friendly Activities: Not Just Child’s Play

A visit to The Manitoba Museum has always stirred the imagination, especially for children. By encouraging creativity, we hope that families will get even more out of their visits.

“People need to see that the Museum is more than a big place with lots of stuff—everything here has a story, and by taking part in these activities, you’re training your eye to see the story behind the artifact,” says Jérome Marchildon, Museum Programs Developer.  “You will definitely see things at the Museum that you never noticed before.”

To begin, pick up your free passport at our reception desk. The passport is a guide to all the activities located within the Museum galleries.

One activity that encourages discussion and discovery is the “I Spy” game, which is available in three galleries. The questions range from simple to challenging. Solutions to all the games are printed on the back of each card.

“We’ve always been a place for children, but these activities are fun for all ages. I’m hoping that people will return to the Museum and discover something new,” Marchildon adds.

Families with young children may enjoy the Igloo Story Stop in the Arctic Gallery or Dinner For Two in the Nonsuch Gallery.

To participate in The Dinner for Two activity, children open a chest in the Nonsuch Gallery’s Rigger’s Loft and find all the fixings for a traditional British meal in the 17th century, complete with a simple menu of instructions.

The wooden food, which includes fish, bangers and mash, a loaf of bread, and English muffins, is held together by Velcro. Children can “slice” the food apart with supplied (safe) wooden knives.

“It’s a traditional English menu from that time period. You notice that there aren’t any vegetables,” laughs Marchildon. “Bread and meat—those were the two food groups back then.”

To ensure that these activities are available for other families to enjoy, we request that you return all items to their proper place once your fun is over.