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Public Programs

With three venues to choose from, there is always something new to discover.

In the Museum Galleries:


Celebrate Louis Riel Day in Parklands Pier!

A new family interactive component in the Parklands Pier is designed to give participants a better understanding of the traditions of Métis life. “The objective is to gain a better appreciation of the Métis culture through language and hands-on activities in order to achieve a better understanding of where they stand today,” says Jérôme Marchildon, Museum Program Developer. Some of the games involve learning the Michif language, which is a combination of French and local native languages. Activities include a costume corner, colouring, beading, sing-a-long songs, flash cards, bingo and making friendship bracelets. This family friendly exhibit was developed in partnership with the Louis Riel Institute. It’s currently open on weekends from noon to 3 pm, as well as on Louis Riel Day and every day during Spring Break.

Nonsuch Boardings

The Nonsuch is available for boarding whenever we are open! Bring your questions for our volunteer and your camera!

Guided Highlight Tours

Guided Museum Highlight Tours may be available on request, please ask Reception for details. All tours are ninety minutes or less and covers the human and natural history of our province. For visitors who wish to tours the Museum galleries at their own pace, Audio Phones in English, French and German are also available anytime at the Box Office.

In the Planetarium. . .

Planetarium Show Schedule link

Astronomy courses link

In the Science Gallery”¦..

This highly interactive gallery has something for science enthusiasts of all ages.


Now On! Living in Space

Now is the perfect time to experience a day in the life of an astronaut, since Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield is currently in space at the International Space Station.

For most of us, having the chance to operate Canadarm 2 at the International Space Station is merely a dream. Which is why The Manitoba Museum’s Science Gallery’s newest exhibit Living in Space represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for space enthusiasts of all ages. Open since December 2012, Living in Space will run throughout 2013. Admission is included with the purchase of a Science Gallery single ticket or combo (and is free for Museum members).