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Science Gallery

For hours of operation and admission prices, click here.

Test the universal laws of science and explore the wonders of technology and illusion in The Manitoba Museum’s Science Gallery. Learn about yourself and the world around you in an entertaining hands-on atmosphere where you become the scientist, discovering scientific principles at more than 100 challenging exhibits. Each exhibit offers operating instructions (what to do) and a short explanation of the science at work (what’s going on).

The Science Gallery was renovated in 2007 and contains a mix of new exhibits and old favorites. The Matrix mirror room and Flash Room are still there, as well as lots of exhibits which cover the basics of science. New additions include:

  • “CSI” : solve a murder using the techniques of forensic science
  • “The Numbers Game” : the art and science of numbers
  • “Engineered for Speed” : build a race car and put it through its paces on our test track
  • “Cosmos Corner” : explore humanity’s achievements in space, control the Canadarm2, and work in simulated microgravity
  • “Animation Station” make a stop-action movie using Lego „¢ bricks
  • “Water World” : explore how rivers work and explore a self-sustaining Ecosystem with fish, amphibians, crustaceans, insects, plants, and invertebrates

The Science Gallery also features the Explore Science Zone, an interactive space where science comes alive. School programs and public hands-on activities are available, with an ever-changing roster of themes. Science programs at The Manitoba Museum are proudly sponsored by Boeing.

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